Real estate marketing report – Quarter 3/2014: Sales activities (Part 5/6)



Mulberry Lane (Mo Lao Urban Area, Ha Dong): In September, buying apartments of Block B and D, customers can get a 9% discount and receive cash gift of 126,8 million VND. HP LandMark Tower (Ha Dong): 100 taels of gold are granted for the first 100 customers to buy apartments of block CT3 of this project.


Star City Le Van Luong: Distributor of this development carries out leasing guarantee of 8 million VND per month for customers buying apartments of the project. Moreover, customers can get handover after paying just 50% (the rest can be paid back within 2 years without interest).


The Pride – Owners of current apartments who are not satisfied with total area, direction of the house or total value but still want to settle down at the project can exchange their property for another. The program is expected to attract about 1,000 customers. This is the first time such an activity happened tn Vietnam real estate market.


A lot of advertising have been released through SMS and email. The messages, in general, are quite attractive to customers, because they include information on promotion or payment aid.

However, this is considered not effective enough due to the mash approach with lack of credibility and confusion to people without demand.


Royal City – Dat Xanh North opened block R3 and R4 of Royal City (Thanh Xuan, Ha Noi) for sales at Ha Long City. This is an example of a recent tendency, in which many developers try to find the demand for second home of people living far away from the project, by offering their products for sales at these places.

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