Bank marketing report – 2nd Quarter of 2014: Executive summary (Part 1/10)


Communication messages & Images

Messages reflect the fast pace of summer and focus on 3 main topics including: travelling, shopping, and football.

Products, services, and promotions

Focusing on 2 types of products and services: bank cards and online payment.

  • Loans: 2 new products (2 banks), 38 preferential loan packages (19 banks).
  • Cards: 9 new products (8 banks).
  • Internet banking: 8 new services and improvement (8 banks).
  • Money transfer: 5 new services and improvement (4 banks).


PR activities at a glance

  • 12.8 thousand headlines.
  • Equivalent value of VND 123.8 bn.
  • ACB is with the highest number of headlines and advertising value.

PR activities for products, services & promotion

  • 1700 headlines
  • Equivalent value of VND 22.4 bn.
  • BIDV, Agribank, ACB, Techcombank and HDBank are banks with highest
    number of headlines, respectively.

Communication channels

  • Online: 48% of total headlines.
  • Newspaper: 39% of total headlines.

Jodric 2014

Download the full report at

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