Ho Chi Minh City Real Estate Marketing Report – First half of 2014: Evaluation (Part 6/7)

The 4 media trends in real estate industry including Navigate to the actual value of products - good location, infrastructure, utilities and facilities in and outside the area. Upmarket but affordable - two factors seemingly impossible come along, achieved by reducing the size of apartment. Offer of long-term payment schedule combined with preferential loans from banks. The developer’s credibility, commitment of profitability and progress are mentioned.


Communication activities take place actively. A lot of communication activities (opening sales, promotions, house sample opening ceremony, events to attract customers to visit the project and gain actual experience…) have been carried out as the project promotion activities.

Messages fit directly with customers’ preferences. Currently, target customers of most of the projects in the real estate market are young couples (8x generation) with medium income. Therefore, the selling points of the projects (price, payment terms, facilities) are quite consistent with their characteristics and demand.


Abundant but unfocused selling points make it hard to impress customers. There is no obvious difference between messages of projects. Messages can’t make any impression and don’t have any unique or new content.

The communication materials are not invested thoroughly. POSM are still sketchy. Many projects haven’t websites, making buyers confuse on information and have to seek information from intermediary sources.

Jodric 2014

Download the full report at http://www.jodric.com

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